Oil Changes

Why Choose The Shoppe For Your Vehicle’s Oil Change

When your vehicle needs an oil change, you have a choice to make. Are you going to go to a quick lube service or are you going to bring it to a true expert?

Let’s face it, oil changes have become a commodity. They can be an inconvenience or just another thing on your to-do list. But the fact is, changing your car’s oil is the most important of all of the maintenance items you’ll do.

Quick lube shops typically employ high schoolers, trade school students, or those looking to begin their career as a mechanic. They have little to no experience and they’re being asked to do the job in 9 minutes. This is a recipe for disaster, and that disaster happens more often than you would think.

An oil change gone wrong can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and many hours of fighting to get reimbursed for the repairs.

Oil being drained from a vehicle during an oil change at The Shoppe in Fayetteville, NC

Oil Changes Done Right

When we do an oil change at The Shoppe of Fayetteville, you can rest assured that it’s done right. Our mechanics will use a high-quality oil and filter of the proper specifications for your vehicle, and we’ll change the oil at the correct interval.

In addition to the oil change itself, we’re going to perform a multi-point inspection of your vehicle. If there are any issues you need to know about, we’re going to inform you, and we’re always happy to show you our findings in person.

When your oil change is complete, you’ll be leaving in a vehicle with new oil and filter, proper tire pressure, and a list of any items that need attention so you can be confident in your vehicle’s ability to serve you reliably for years to come.

To schedule an oil change, use our online scheduling form or call us at 910-484-3064.

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Conveniently Located

The Shoppe of Fayetteville is conveniently located near the intersection of Hwy 401 and Bragg Blvd. We are located in the old Nissan dealership building right beside Freedom Motors of Fayetteville on Bragg Blvd.