Fleet Services

The Number One Fleet Services Provider in Fayetteville

We know that if your fleet isn’t on the road, you’re losing money. It’s our job to make sure that fleet is dependable and stays rolling. We take that responsibility seriously.

At The Shoppe of Fayetteville, our fleet services clients take priority. First and foremost, we make sure that when we do a repair or maintenance service, it’s done right. Mistakes and comebacks are a time suck for you and us, so accuracy in our work is key.

After accuracy comes speed of service. We know you don’t have time for your fleet to be in the shop so we do everything we can to expedite repairs and fleet maintenance.

Lastly, we know that price is of utmost importance. We promise to perform all work at a fair price.

A fleet operator pulls up for service to his work van at The Shoppe of Fayetteville

We Work On All Types of Medium and Light Duty Fleets

Whether your fleet is comprised of compact cars or medium-duty work-bodied trucks, we can handle your fleet. Our shop is equipped with heavy-duty lifts and tall ceilings for working on larger vehicles.

Learn More About Fleet Services With The Shoppe of Fayetteville

We’d love to have the opportunity to talk to you and earn your fleet business. To set up an appointment to tour our shop and get a quote on fleet services, call us at 910-484-3064
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Conveniently Located

The Shoppe of Fayetteville is conveniently located near the intersection of Hwy 401 and Bragg Blvd. We are located in the old Nissan dealership building right beside Freedom Motors of Fayetteville on Bragg Blvd.